Special tour

The following rooms may be visited within the framework of a special tour:

In both porcelain rooms, there are import artifacts from the oriental collection of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria, as well as Japanese, Chinese and European porcelain of the manufacturers of Nymphenburg, Frankenthal and Meissen from the 16th to 20 centuries, which is testimony of elaborate handicrafting of the ”white gold” and documents the emergence of the porcelain culture.

The East Asia Room offers a touch of oriental culture. A film of half an hour that was made for the Bavarian National Museum on the occasion of the exhibition in 2009 on the topic of ”The Wittelsbachs and the Middle Kingdom, 400 years China and Bavaria”, documents the journey to East Asia of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria in 1902 and 1903, which took him to Japan, China and Indonesia.

In the ”Upper Oratories”, the rooms with windows overlooking the collegiate church, there is a private chapel that was built in 1771, which offers an incomparable view into the vaults of the collegiate church.

We would be pleased to let you book special tours for groups outside opening times or with focus on particular themes of the Wittelsbach history.